The Cruise (medium-sized image files; large ones are here)
Photos by Hilarie Orman

Our cruise group consisted of Steve and Susan Miller Varin, Gail Alcorn Harris and her sister Lila Tufts, Stephanie Wood Coleman, Rhinda Dutcher Furtado, Larry and Laurie Brown, Jim and Cathie Del Carlo, Tom and Myrna Smith Jackson, Hilarie Orman and Rich Schroeppel, Terry and Susan Ruby Womack, Butch and Carla Helzer Dies, Eddie and Mona Ponce, Chuck and Linda Colwell, Dale Kingen and Joseph, John and Leah Boragno, Ron and Priscilla Manfredi, and Brian and Diane King Gebhart

The Amazing Cranes

Detail of the Vincent Thomas Suspension Bridge in Long Beach

The Vincent Thomas Bridge

Our trade imbalance

Our Lifeboat

We all don orange

Our lifeboat activity coordinator (she also belayed at the climbing wall)

Myrna thinks about being underwater

Susan wonders about survival

Myrna looks more optimistic

Then she sees me documenting events

I photograph myself reflected in someone's way cool sunglasses

This activity is almost over, we lighten up

The lighthouse at the Long Beach breakwater

Evening descends on the lighthouse

Palos Verdes Peninsula

More of the Peninsula

And more of PV

OK, bye-bye Los Angeles

The grey and distant shore

We move into a cloud bank, leaving sunset behind

More cloud bank

Sunset from the upper deck

The sun was like a yellow wafer, pasted between the uprights

Tom and Myrna Jackson study the dinner menu

Susan and Steve Varin

Carla and Butch Dies, Larry and Laurie Brown at dinner

The headwaiter wore red; Jim and Cathie Del Carlo

Jim and Cathie Del Carlo

Dale Kingen (right) and Joseph

John and Leah Boragno (she's a kindergarten teacher; we have a lot of teachers in our class!)

Eddie and Mona Ponce

Diane King Gebhart and Linda Colwell

Linda and Chuck Colwell

Rhinda and Stephanie celebrate the cruise

Brian and Diane Gephardt

Rich Schroeppel, Carla and Butch Dies, Larry and Laurie Brown

Table 452 (our waiter was Putu and the assistant waiter was Monique, I think)

Terry Womack and new digital camcorder

Priscilla and Ron Manfreddi

Gail Alcorn Harris (right) and her sister Lila Tufts

Group picture, Sanger High Class of 1966

Group picture, Sanger High rocks!

Getting ready for yet another group picture

Group picture, our class.

Finally we get everyone together; Rich Schroeppel took all the group pictures, so you'll have to imagine him.

This is the best one; you won't believe how much photo editing went into this. Seeing is NOT believing!